3-Ways To Ensure The Success Of Your Long-Scrolling Website

Long-scrolling website can be one of the best ways to interact with your viewer. It is the best visual presentation to the viewer that is not only visually enticing but also highly engaging. However, it is a matter of debate that long-scrolling can either make or unmake an engaging website.

Setting this debate aside, we would like to further emphasize on the long-scrolling website. Despite the debate, there are many good features that are worth nothing on a long-scrolling website. In this post, We will disclose some best practices to ensure the success of your long-scrolling website.

So, are you ready? Without further ado let’s get you started,

  • First Rule, Create A Content Worth Scrolling

This must sound ridiculous but it is the most basic element of your long-scrolling website. You need to create an engaging content which your user want to scroll and see it till the bottom. The question of interest here is how?

There are few things you want to do when creating your content. Follow the breadcrumbs given below,

  • Tell a story to your viewers, make it yours and see the magic of low bounce rate.

  • Content is not just the text. Make sure to make use of high-resolution images and videos relevant to the niche of your website.

  • With content give your viewer the reason to scroll the website.

  • Do not overwhelm your user with choices. Give them limited choices so that they can scroll your website to discover more.

  • Make sure your content copy is enticing. Visuals make the first impression but the content is the one that keeps them going on and on. Make use of action verbs and engage them with a relatable story.

  • Delight Your Viewers With Quality Interactions

It is one of the most classy things about the long-scrolling websites. They lend to immersive storytelling techniques. In addition to that, small interactions can really add huge value to the quality of engagement of your user.

You can use animation, background videos or slide actions while scrolling to interact with your user to give them quality time in your long-scrolling website. You can introduce background videos, animated boxes, spinning counters, hover effects and image slider (We don’t personally support image slider for the hero layout only. You can use it anywhere except that).

These elements will create a positive effect on your viewer as the level of engagement will increase with each scroll.

  • Try Alternate Long and Short Scrolling

It may sound weird but it is highly effective when it comes to the real user engagement. Make points where you can mix up long and short scrolling in segments of your website.

When you have content and visuals easy to digest by the user make use of short scroll and get over it. However, when the content is chunky or you have an infographic on the fold, make use of long scrolling. You can also add a call to action button when you use long scrolling.

This mix up of content blocks helps in maintaining the flow if used strategically. It is as same as writing content by mixing up the length of the sentences to avoid the boredom of the user.

Winding It Up

So, the bottom line here is, “Long-scrolling websites are highly user engaging". All you need to do is use it tactfully and interact accordingly by observing the reading habits of your target audience.

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